★Music to Pop

This is an experiment. A week hardly pass by without me finding a new band/group to like, a new song to be hooked on. So why not share it through a weekly update. Because, I cant post about every song I find I’ll just share it through this page.

I listen to music a lot, like 70% of the day when I’m not with friends or have classes, I listen to music. Of course it’s great with a break and silence now and then, but I can assure you they’re really short breaks. Lately it seems like I never turn of Itunes, it only is when I shut down my laptop. When I’m not playing my own lists, which is like listening to a radio (7000 songs gives that feeling), I listen on HelloKpop or Maerong Radio or surf around YouTube to find new songs. Which Just make’s the amount of songs on my laptop rise.

Week 4 – On Repeat!

New Luv: B2ST – Fiction

This weeks Kpop:B2ST – Back too you

This weeks JPop/Rock: D’espairsRay – Cocoon

Hooked on:

Lady Gaga

Girl’s Day

Super Junior M

Week 3 – So Jiggy~

New Luv: 2Ne1 – Lonely

This weeks Kpop: SuJu – What if

This weeks JPop/Rock: Ayumi – Microphone

Hooked on:


Jay Park:


So week 2 – Let’s go~★

New Luv:

This weeks Kpop:

This weeks Jrock:

oops, I’ve hardly listened to jrock this past days….

Hooked on:

Block B




Week 1:

New Luv:

This weeks Kpop:

This weeks Jrock:

Hooked on:




Elva Hsiao:



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