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Never used to coordinate hats with my outfit before. Usually I just throw on a hat to keep my head warm while out, but after wearing a hat that fitted the outfit soooo perfectly I’ve learned – I need more hats!


I officially love harem pants, I wonder why it took me so long to like them. Now I just can’t live without them. I got a black one which I got from my friend Lele, but that’s not near enough. I am soooooo close to actually buying the plaid pants you can see in the collage. I probably can’t afford it but I want it so bad. Yes I love harem pants, with or without patterns.


With harem pants, suspenders comes quite naturally~ They fit together hand in hand. Suspenders in general are really what could make an outfit while, kinda like cream on top of the cake. Besides, it fits my geeky/edgy style. I want suspenders with both x and y back, and am really dreaming about getting hold of black, brown and navy ones. Those colors are really a must-have, and you’ll find really cheap ones on eBay.


We all read a lot of fashion blogs don’t we? Both the ones that updates about different fashion magazines and the ones about a fabulous fashionista girls life. Among all of these I missed one that posted “how to dress up in <insert object here>”, “Get the style” and with a lot of examples and such. Therefore I’m glad that when I found the YESSTYLE page, I also found The Yesstylist Fashion blog. It inspires me a lot! Specially the Trend & Style category.

Here’s links to some of my favorite posts: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5.


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