★Info Pop

Interior: I study interior, and I’m half trough the first year of my bachelor. I study interior because it’s something I have a HUGE interest for, and something I would like to work with for years. Although my biggest dream is to become and architect.

Architect: I love drawing buildings and houses. I pretty often plan houses in my head, specially when I see buildings that gives me a lot of inspiration. This is my final goal, this is what I want the most – If it’s possible for me to reach it.

Guitar: I try to learn to play it, or I can the basic stuff but I could get better, but it’s hard to be self-learned.

Sunglasses: I collect them, or Glasses mainly. I’ve started to collect nerdglasses too.

Tea/coffeee: Tea is like my water, I usually drink tea everyday. I have a lot of different teas in my collection – and tea is one of the best things you can give me. Coffee I drink almost everyday. It’s a great warm drinks who wakes me up. I don’t get hyper by drinking it, but I sometimes seems stressed. I often drink coffee as I go to school.

Gyaru: Recently decided to change my wardrobe and style to an edgy version of gyaru, after spending a lot of time being tired of having to mixed style. Want to go for one style 100%. A style I can wear anywhere, anytime. I’ve always wanted to go for gyaru but never dared. Guess this blog would show my way of getting there, because it’s a loooooong way to go~

– Favourite-
Object: Nerd glasses
Drink: Tea/coffee
Colour: White/Grey
Style: Gyaru, Military/Navy

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



3 thoughts on “★Info Pop

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  2. We have the same goals~
    I’ve wanted to be an architect too for many years >.<
    I wish I picked interior when I could back then.. x_x *is at her final year in VGS*

    • Woah, just remembered that I forgot to answer on this.
      Awesome to hear from someone who has the same goals as me.
      Well, I wished I had general admission, which I don’t have because I chose a vocational course.

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